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Are you looking to rent a Self-Storage in Barcelona? Trasteros Yo Guardo inaugurates it’s third center in Barcelona in order to offer our customers more space options to choose.

Thereby, the customer can enjoy of more options available regarding the different space necessities they can have. In the other hand, there are also customers that they prefer to choose self-storages with low prices. At last, there are also companies that rent a Self-Storage looking after for services that allow them to save time and costs. 

All our centers are equipped with the last generation technology security systems, motions sensors and alarm connected to a central station which offers our customers the confidence to store their belongings in a highly protected and secure center.

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In addition, all our customers have 24 hours access all the 365 days of the year. And if that was not enough, all our Self-Storages includes a multirisk insurance (prevention is better than cure) and if the customer wants to expand it, that can be done at any time.  

In order our customers to have an easiest access, all our centers are equipped with a loading and unloading area. We cannot end this point mentioning that we are the unique Self-Storage company in Barcelona that doesn’t asks for a deposit: No deposit. Why? We believe any movement means a considerable cost and we prefer to leave this amount of money to our customers disposal.   

Trasteros Yo Guardo is currently working so in a short period, customers will be able to book their Self-Storage online. For such reason we have created the Self-Storage sizes guide as it will be easiest to find the proper Self-Storage unit.  

In addition, if customers still having any doubt about which is the Self-Storage unit they need, they are always welcome to contact our sales team which will be glad to give a helping hand.

As if all the above was not enough, customers don’t need to worry if the Self-Storage unit they have rented is smallest or biggest than their needs.

All the services at your disposal

If you are looking to rent a Self-Storage in Barcelona, you may also need other services. Whether you are a company or private, we put at your disposal all the services you can need to facilitate your move, your company’s logistics, the online sale of the related materials (carton boxes, packing material,..) to have am easiest move instead of having to buy them in different places.  Customers can even choose to pay the packing materials the next month. We are conscient that in all moves, there are many costs and that’s the reason why we try to facilitate and offer a helping hand to reduce the initial costs.

If you are a company and you are interested to have more information about our services, please call Carlos (our business area specialist) at: +34 686 027 493. He will explain the best solutions we can offer personalized to the different companies needs. You can also send us an email at where we can detail the list of logistics services we can put at your disposal.

Self-Storage in Barcelona center – L’Eixample

C/ Diputacio 93, Barcelona – 08015

self storage barcelona

If you need to rent a self-Storage in Barcelona center, you just found the right place. Trasteros Yo Guardo has the Self-Storage most centralized in Barcelona. You can find the place at less than 5 minutes of Plaza Catalunya. Our Self-Storage center of Eixample is just unbeatable.

Our first Self-Storage center it has become a reference place due to its location. Most of our customers use it as an extension of their homes because the major part life aside and therefore results as easiest as getting down and getting access to their Self-Storage. Some of them use the space to store their sports materials such as bicycles. More than the 80% of or customers of that center are neighbors.

Many customers use the Self-Storage for company purposes as the location also feet their needs because if you only need to move around the center of Barcelona, you can safe time using this Self-Storage.

Self-Storage in Barcelona – Sants

C/ sugranyes 39 – Barcelona 08028

Self storage in sants

If you are looking to rent a Self-Storage in Barcelona center and you are also interested in a competitive price, the best option is our Self-Storage in Sants. Very close from the Carretera de Sants which is the largest commercial street in all Europe is.  

This Self-Storage is not only addressed to neighbors from Sants but also to people who needs a Storage in the center of Barcelona at a low price. Many households and companies who need an extra space near their home are taking advantages of our special offers in Sants.

Self-Storage in Barcelona – Sants – Sant Feliu de Llobregat

C/ Laurea Miro 375 – Sant Feliu de Llobregat 08980

mudanza en barcelona

Our Newest and biggest facility. Our facility has more than 6.000 m2. If you are looking for a self-storage in Barcelona at unbeatable rates. This is the right storage for you. Here you could store your thing for a long time without it being extremely expensive.

If you are a household and need moving services but still don’t know where you will be moving to. We recommend this facility. The space in this facility is designed to recieve big moving services. This way If you need to take something out of your unit I would be extremely easy.

Last but not leat, if you are a company and need held with your logist o just receiving and sending your products. This facility is the right for you. Our team in sant feliu has an extensive experience managing businesses. This way you can dedícate you time to what is really importat for you: YOUR BUSINESS. We can handle those things that take your time. Like, receiving merchanses or send it.

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