Self-storage Size Guide

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S Self-Storage

Range of small storage units up to 1,50cm high. They are very useful to store sports material, suitcases, boxes and other chattels that do not fit in your house. The rent of these storages proves to be especially useful to store the clothes of other season, documentation and domestic appliances of up to 1,50cm of high.

Sizes: 0,80m2 – 1,50m2 / 1,10 m3 – 2,25m3

M Self-Storage

Variety of storage units especially useful to store domestic appliances, medium furniture, bicycles and still has enough space to store a considerable number of boxes, bags and suitcases.

Sizes: 1,10m2 – 2,00m2 / 1,10 m3 – 5,00m3

L Self-Storage

These self-storage units are very useful to store the content of a whole bedroom. It has space for furniture, cupboards, sofas, mattresses and innumerable boxes and bags. This  Self-Storage category, has a maximum capacity of 3,40m2

Sizes: 2,00m2 – 4,00m2 / 5,50 m3 – 12,00m3

XL Self-Storage

These self-storage units ,are especially useful for companies, SMEs, freelancers and  enterpeneurs to store documentation, furniture and/or products. It turns also very practical for individuals who are changing home or refurbishing their house.

Sizes: 5,00m2 o más/ 12,50m3 – 33,25m3

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